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That's probably the most concise explanation I've read. Thank you!!!!

I did manage to import a track from Basecamp, emailing to motionx, and it doesn't have to be converted. I also figured out that some of my WABDR 'tracks' were actually waypoints, so when I imported what I thought was a route i would just get one spot. Which drove me crazy, as I was sure they were routes not waypoints, argh. The alleged tracks were from somebody's ride report, not the official site.
How many of you have used the Harley Davidson Ride Planner? It's great, and free. Covers a fair amount of Forest Service roads, too.
A question: Can you, in Google Earth or Maps, create a string of waypoints and turn them into a route? So, if you marked all your turns as waypoints, strung together they'd import as a route?

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