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Originally Posted by doyle View Post
His word was "dangerous".
Dangerous? Does that mean (in barreda speak) = too much time with the head down/reading, while the throttle stop is on WFO (BamBam style) ?

One of the trademarks of the Sardinia Rally has always been the frequency and intensity of the roadbook navigation, and the more enduro-like/technical nature of the terrain. It's not a "desert rally" in the classic sense of the word... neither the nature of the course, nor the bikes that are suited to it.

In that respect, I always thought it a bit of an oddity when compared to the other event's on the FIM CCR championship calender.

It would be similar to the situation if they had one of the FIA F1 races on an old antiquated pre-WWII circuit from the 30's...

oh, hang on... they have Monaco in the F1 calender still, don't they...?!
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