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I've been outa touch...what did you do to yourself? Chuckatuckman
Hey I just clicked onto rallywestva. site and I see it's been cancelled. Did I get the right site and year?
Yes, you saw that correctly, RWV has been canceled for 2014. The organizer pulled out due to some personal commitments. Its very disappointing, but you really can't blame the guy for making a decision between doing whats best for his family, and doing the rally. It really shows that we need more participation in the sport at all levels, be it racers, volunteers, organizers, etc. They extended early registration for Magnum Opus as a consolation, but I'm not allowed to ride yet, so I can't go. I'm supposed to be able to ride again by July, but everything is going really well with the recovery from the last operation, so I will probably be back on the bike in a couple of weeks. Nothing more than putting around at first.
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