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Originally Posted by Spidi - on track View Post
Hi Flux_capacitor, how are you?
Thank you for all these question, I understand what you're looking for.

1) We do have jackets with waterproof shell: look at the Superhydro, the SuperGT, Tour S7 and many others.

2)You don't have to pusch the "back button" on your browser. Why don't you just use the menu on the left column of the website? You can easily switch to one category to another.

3) Hard Track and H.T. Raid are basically the very same jacket. It's just a different style and more "factory rider" look.

4) If you ourchase online, you can easily return the good and try a different size. You only have to keep all the tag, and return the jacket in good conditions.
Anyway, we're expanding our presence on the american market, so it will be easier to see our products near you.

Matteo De Vito
Spidi Marketing Dept
Vicenza - Italy
Thanks for the reply, I will have a look at the jackets you advised. Good news about expanding in the American market, hope to see your stuff soon.
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