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The only part I'm not sure about on your process is storing food in hard cases on your bike. The scent is the big thing, we always did bear bags hanging up in a tree. Ripping open a hardcase or destroying the bike wouldn't be anything for a bear that has the sweet smell of Jack Links in it's nose. But if it's trying to get the bear bag, you'll be able to hear it from a safe distance and act accordingly.

The bike is your lifeline. Being out in the wilderness, if you lose that, then you've got maybe a week's hike back to civilization. Depending on what gear was lost, you could be in a bit of trouble.

Enjoyed your trip thus far, on the part about caving, I was thinking that same thing with the Descent before you mentioned it. I was like, yep, not a chance in hell. If I can walk, I can run. If I'm crawling and worming myself through a crack, nope nope nope.

And that shot of the "office"? So, jealous. The dark corner in the grey cubicle I'm in just doesn't compare.
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