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Originally Posted by OtterChaos View Post
Got my LED H4 lamp the other day and installed it on my Moto Guzzi V7 Stone. It fits but was tricky to do so, I didn't think I'd be able to re-fit the rubber cap the goes on behind the stock H4 bulb to protect it from weather but managed in the end to get it to work. After that it was a struggle to get the clip back onto the backing plate of the bulb but again after a bit of time I managed it as well. Took some video of the old vs new during my nighttime commute into work and maybe I'll post them up at some point but for now I did get some screen grabs of the same section of road while using the high beams and another section when I had the low beams on.

First up is the low beam using the stock H4 bulb

Now the same section of road with the low beam LED light

High beam stock H4

High beam LED H4

A few observations, The light is much whiter as can be seen in the pics above. The LED high beam does not seem to project much farther than the dipped/low beam, it just fills in the space in front of the bike better. The LED light seems to throw more light out to the side than the stock H4 bulb, I didn't run into any head on traffic on the ride in so I can't tell if it will be bothersome to oncoming drivers but I'm a bit worried about that. Also noted that the blue high beam lamp stayed on once the LED was set to the dim position for 5-10 seconds and then the blue lamp would go out.

Thanks for posting and the big effort to get the beam shots.
As Ive said in this thread many times, do not expect to get a bunch more distance out of this or any other bulb you can put in your stock housing.
I would say the photos show a dramatic upgrade from the stock bulb.

What you should expect is a brighter better working headlight that will allow you to see better and let other vehicles see you better.

On some bikes you do get more projection due to the design of that particular reflector, If you want distance LED Aux lights are the way to go.
Thank you again and Great Job
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