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Yup, fits the ES perfectly. I do want to say though that -aside from being very sturdy, and overall looking decent- the welds on these bars are absolutely hideous. It's like someone just learning to weld for the first time made them, and has zero control over their pool... I swear I could do a better job and I have never welded before. That might be offensive to the boys back in Africa, but really... If you're going to make a product, one would think you would put more care into it. I hope Rumbux gets their shit together in that respect, because aside from the welds being so damned ugly, this is one fine product.

Now I just have to order the PIAA lights and install them to make use of those mounting brackets - which, by the by sells in S10-specific kits with the same brackets now. I also need to figure out aluminum luggage for my S10, but that's besides the point.
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