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Originally Posted by patrkbukly View Post
To remove from my 93 GSPD all the electronic ignition stuff and replace with bean can points system?

Relatively straight forward I would think?

What has to come with the points bean can? (plugs, coils, VR)?
conversion is fairly simple .. if existing points/condenser are good inside beancan. only other part needed is a different coil with ohm rating for points. it would be good to order an extra points/condenser to carry.

biggest drawback, beancan with points came two years only. with everyone chasing one .. they are getting harder to find.

yes .. more maintenance in keeping up with adjusting points. but it's not that hard to do. advantage is beancan w/point is field serviceable. one will not be stuck on the side of the road.

electronic ignitions are maintenance free until if/when it dies. which may never happen or it could be your lucky day ... since airheads are getting to be 20+ years old .. that's pretty darn good service. heck it could go another 20 years ..
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