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Word of advice; hang one to all your EI parts. I went your route on my G/S, drank the fanboy koolaid and all that about how great points were. In the end I went back to EI and I'm thrilled about it. Point and condensers are getting to be poorly made unlike the OE stuff, if you do have a problem points are one more variable that you must work through.

Also....for all the reasons you mentioned for wanting bike did it worse with points. If my can goes crap up, I'll get the motorrad electric upgraded stuff and be happy.

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Thanks CY,
yes my reasoning and approach is this:

I have two bikes,

78 RT and 93 GSPD.

They both have been across country a few times and I can tell you that my

RT with points has;
always starts,
weak battery strong battery starts immediately,
21 degrees out or 88 degrees out starts immediately,
always immedeatly when you hit the button,
rarely been adjusted.

My PD has, often had ignition issues,
often not started,
often cold start issues,
if near freezing forget it,
if bike and battery sits 2 months forget it,

I could go on and on.

So I do not mean to open the debate here but rather, I have experimented with 2 bikes side by side for quite a while and I just want points.
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