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Originally Posted by byways View Post
Browneye, I've never done the actual arithmetic to calculate how much is paved or unpaved; but the route is overwhelmingly unpaved.

There is slab ...

-- from the mountains of NE Utah/the Wasatch Front to the west desert

-- from the north end of Great Salt Lake back to the mtns of NE Utah; then into western Wyoming

-- outside of Idaho Falls and Dillon, MT

-- along the fringes of Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, Wyo.

-- a few miles of I-80 outside of Rawlins, Wyo.

I've put a great deal of effort into eliminating paved travel where possible and warranted. But now and then, it is kinda nice to relax on asphalt for a time.
Can you provide approximate mileages of these segments? It would help determine which bike best fits the overall route. I have since learned that we are 750 miles of hiway before we even start the route. That means trucking a dualsport, or riding an adventure bike.
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