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Originally Posted by BluRidgeRider View Post
We've had so many people express interest that it may be difficult to find a weekend when everyone has a clear schedule. That being said, we will try. Since Boike has agreed to map a route and lead this ride, I'm getting with him to check his July availability before floating days to the group.

Once I know Boike's schedule, I will post a Survey Monkey survey so that everybody can let me know which days work/don't work for them. Hopefully, we can find a day that works for everyone wanting to attend. If not, we'll go with the date that works for the most riders.

For those that intend to camp the night before/after the ride, I will also include a question for voting on the campground. Once that has been decided, each rider will be responsible for making his/her own reservations/arrangements. So far,I intend to include three campgrounds in the Survey Monkey voting as shown below. Do any of you have any other campgrounds close to Hot Springs/Asheville that you want me to include?

> Hot Springs Resort Camping

> French Broad River Camping

> Creek Ridge Camping

If any of you have experience with any of these campgrounds -- or any others suggested -- please feel free to talk them up/down to influence the voting. I don't have any personal experience with any of these locations. Just looked for campgrounds in that area via Google.


Numa I have two questions. Is this separate from wolf creek? And is this little bikes, big bikes or both flavors?
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