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Originally Posted by RidingDonkeys View Post
New tag.

Deep in the southern province of the People's Republic of Pineland lies a bridge that can only be crossed when the water is low. Yesterday's furious waters left a lot of evidence on the bridge, so be safe if waters are high. Warning: You'll have to do exactly 1 mile of well-maintained gravel regardless of from which direction you approach the bridge. Any bike should be able to handle it easily, but if you're scared of a little gravel, then this tag isn't for you.

I took a dip and cooled off for a bit before exploring some more roads. I wish I had brought a picnic. Lots of curves and fun riding in the area for the asphalt crowd too. A couple of inmates on a pair of Tigers would have a blast down here. [emoji6]

Sidecars and dogs make everyone smile.

Huh. I know another inmate who also has a Tiger. Looks like a nice Saturday morning ride if it's still there.......
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