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Sumatra was cool. Not a lot of people. Java is crazy. But good.

Apparently, Java is the worlds most populated island. There are more people on the island of Java then in Honshu Japan. There is a similar population of people in Russia. Java population density is 1117 people per square km.
Russia has a population density of 8 per square km. And Mongolia only 2 per square km! Talk about extremes. Soon i'll be going to Australia which is 3rd on the low populations density list. Pretty excited about that.

Anyway, Yesterday I met some people from France and they invited me to go on a powerboat ride to Krakatoa with them. It was very cool. Snorkeled with colorful fish, got close to an active volcano, ate lunch with a Comodo Dragon and found some floating rocks.

I should have some good internet in the next few days to post up Malaysia.. and try to get (somewhat) caught up.
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