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I don't know what it is about camping but I reliably sleep like a baby even though being a light sleeper is typically the norm. At home I usually toss and turn, wake up periodically and make trips to the fridge for snacks throughout the night. Last night I slept straight through without so much as a bathroom break. As soon as the sun came up my eyes pop open and I realize I'm in Mexico and staying in a natural hot spring that I haven't seen in day light yet. It feels like Christmas! I grab the camera and climb out of the tent.

This place is absolutely ridiculous.. We drove into the desert till dark and woke up in a friggin oasis. Canon de Guatalupe is a natural hot spring and rare source of water in an otherwise sandy butthole of a desert. Each "campsite" consists of; your own palapa structure made of river rock and cement w/ thatch roof, fire place, sink and empty river rock/cement bathtub complete with a 4" pvc pipe system that provides 110F hot water to your campsite. Want to sit in the spa? No problem, just connect the hose from the pvc to your own private tub, close the drain valve and 30 minutes later you have a piping hot tub overlooking a canyon packed with palm trees. Unreal.

Our Palapa

the water closet w flushing toilets..

The campground pool (warm)

Hot water dip before breakfast? Sure.

Shortly after my soak I started pulling out the cookset to get some coffee and breakfast going to start the day. Right about that time Phoenix ran out of the palapa to barf her guts out in the rocks and I realized something might be amiss. Couldn't quite put my finger on it but something wasn't right. Then it occurred to me, she said she didn't want any coffee.. She must not be feeling very well, she's as much of a caffeine junky as I am. We had only really had one Mexican meal which was from a fairly busy and very decent restaurant. Maybe the food was bad? Maybe she was pregnant? Maybe she was bulimic? I'm sure it wasn't the questionable eggs and chorizo I cooked last night. Either way she looked pretty sick so I made sure she had water and left her be.

Shortly after breakfast Juan came by to collect our money for the campsite and he was nice enough to take me on a tour of the place. Super nice guy.


Around noon I ran into Phil and Mackenzie who were getting ready to go on a hike up to the cold water spring. Considering the brutal heat was at it's worst with nothing but hot water nearby, they let me tag along to find colder water.

30 minutes later we were diving into water cold enough to make you hyperventilate for a few moments while you acclimated. Sweet relief.

They were nice enough to throw a couple cold Tecates my way as well, a gesture I won't soon forget. Great people.

Meanwhile, back at the palapa. The Phoenix had risen from her barfy ashes and was snacking quietly. After a day of sleeping and drinking water she had regained much of her color and vigor. Great timing as Phil and Mackenzie were nice enough to invite us over for dinner which sounded like a hoot. Not sure if it was a viral bug or my shitty cooking but either way it looked like she was on the mend.

Phil had BBQ'd up some steak, sausage and sweet potatoes all of which he shared along with a few more Tecates. I couldn't have been happier. Not a bad way to kick off a vacation then by hanging out with new friends. Stuff like this is my favorite part about traveling and something I need to be better at in my day to day life. It's so easy to stare at your feet while you walk through your daily routines without leaving yourself open to connect with other people.

Stuffed and maybe buzzed I hit the wall. Bed time and early departure tomorrow!

Thanks for reading

UP NEXT: Slab, sweaty balls and San Felipe.

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