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April 19

Okcanas Neighbor, named Babafaya, was 12 years old in 1941 when the Germans showed up. She lived exactly in the the middle between the towns of Rzhev and Staritsa. She said the Germans treated the children like her well. In the winter time they let the children come inside and warm up near the stove and gave them a bit of food. She was actually more mad at the Soviet Soldiers. I guess as they retreated they burned most of the villages to the ground and told the villagers to go live in the many caves around.

She told us the worst part was when the spring of 1942 came and the snow melted she could walk the 20 km from her home to Rzhev and never step foot on the ground just stepping on old the dead soldiers laying everywhere. Many of them weren't identifiable, German or Soviet, some they could tell only by what scrap of clothes was left on the mangled body.

This is the monument proclaiming Rzhev a town of Military Glory.

One of the smaller monuments to the war

This gun was used during the war to fire onto the Nazis occupying the town

Grave of the unknown soldiers.

The amount of lives and carnage that happened here are just unimaginable for me. after the war what happened here wasnt really talked about the battles that happened here were almost treated as if they never occurred, at least the scale was never really released. The Battles of Rzhev, the Rzhev Meat Grinder as it was called, were on the scale of Stalingrad but because it was not a decisive victory for the Soviet Union it was mostly forgotten about, even though its less than 150 miles from Moscow. Many of my friends here when asked about Stalingrad can go on and on but when asked about this place know nothing. Most of the information I have given you so far wasnt released until after the fall of the Soviet Union. I hope someday this place gets a little more recognition after all that went on here.
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