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Originally Posted by Boston Mangler View Post
Hi Guys

I got a C3 Pro with the SRC system.. WHEN it is working, it is freaking amazing!!

But... Manual says when charging, when the red lights go out, charge is complete.

Mine won't go out, even let it sit for 2 days..

Unplug it, works for about an hour, crystal clear bluetooth music!

On a good day I might get 1.5 hours.. Odd..

So I plugged the USB cable into my tank bag that I have wired for charging USB stuff and had it plugged into SRC.. Was hoping it would charge and maintain power while I ride. No such luck., wont connect via bluetooth while it's charging... REALLY?? Am I missing something?

I've been reading a bunch and trying to figure this out. Anyone??

FYI, both Helmet and SRC Less than a month old.

Hey Kevin,

That's interesting, especially after a few weeks. It sounds like a potential warranty claim. As mikegc recommended, give Phil or Mike at Schuberth a call. They will get you squared away.


-Hi-Viz Brian

Originally Posted by DoubleM View Post

I have a C3 Pro and want to order the summertime crown liner.
Can you tell me what is the correct name of the liner on your website.
Don't want to get the wrong one.

Hey DoubleM,

Are you referring to the ventilation block-off tabs in the picture below? The tabs are part of the stock liner. They're designed to block the vents during winter riding and fold back to maximize airflow during summer riding.


Tabs Open:

Tabs Closed:

Is this helpful? If not, please let me know.

Ride safely,

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