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Pamplona-San Sebastian

I left Pamplona and driving to north to San Sebastian. The city is behind a high mountain range and now I am coming to a pass, the higher I drive the more foggy it gets. Time to take a leg stretching pause in a gas station. There are signs with Basque language, a very interesting language. I can't associate with any language I know. There are many unproven theories about this unique language. One fact seems to be accepted that basque people have been in this lands for really long time. Some scientists claim that the language came from Caucasian region, some other claim that some celtic tribes moved to this area in stone age.

I continue driving, now I drive downhill and start to see San Sebastian below. The city is at Atlantic and there is a small island in front of the city which is very close. I didn't reserve a place to stay as usual, I think "I am alone, there should be always a place for one person". The rain gets stronger. No surprise that it rains so much here, clouds from Atlantic hit these high hills and drop rain on San Sebastian.

Now, I am in town, stressed to find a place to stay. I check all the hostel options in Lonely Planet but all of them are full. Then I decide to accept a higher place and check some decent hotels around but no success. The whole town is packed with tourists. I have no other choice and start to drive away from centre. I have my bike and can come to town easily. After driving about 10-15 kms I find a luxury hotel but give a shot, maybe they have special prices for worn out motorcyklers They have a room for 40 Eur. Well, I can skip lunch tomorrow, I need to rest and take the room eventually. It was a nice room with a view to garden.

If you plan to go to San Sebastian, you better book living in advance. There were many tourists from UK and USA. Well, I understood that there are many British since with a ferry over Atlantic they can easily reach San Sebastian but I did not know San Sebastian is a popular place among American college crowd. I assume they came for Pamplona event. When I see the street full of bars and american youth, it reminds me my university days in college town of Cornell, Ithaca

It was definitely worth the rain and pain to find a place to stay, San Sebastian is an impressive city. I first take a look at the cathedral.

I enjoy my cafe cortado in the town square and read about tomorrow's destination area

I am super hungry. San Sebastian is very famous with its tapas or as it is called here pantxos. Small pieces of delicious meat and fish dishes on piece of bread. With one glass of cold beer they taste amazing and let me forget about my tiredness. I spent significant time and money in this tapas bar but I would do it again if I had a chance

After this energy boost, I take a walk towards the marina. Many nice boats are in the marina. Confused from thinking how one can buy a 30mt boat with a decent job, I come to the end of the harbour and see people wave riding, cool

There is a river reaching the sea in the city. I notice some nice buildings across the river.

It is getting darker, I am hungry again I make a stop at the tapas bar and then drive back to my hotel. Some night views from town. Unfortunately, I did not have a tripod with me so bad quality little.

Time to sleep. Tomorrow, I will drive towards Bilbao. I heard that the modern museum is worth to see.
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