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San Sebastian - Bilbao

I leave San Sebastian early in the morning, I could easily stay one more day in town (actually in the tapas bar ). But I am a traveller and roads are waiting for me. I decide to make a stop in Bilbao to check the modern museum and drive further to Picos de Europa area. My route is as follows and I will drive about 400kms today.

The air smells rain again. It can start raining anytime. This atlantic coastline reminds me Norway or Black Sea region of Turkey. I personally prefer little cold weather to hot weather on bike. When it is cold or wet, one can put some clothes on but when it is really hot, then we can't take off all our clothes can we. (Well, when I was driving in Croatia in 2003, I actually met a sportsbike driver, I think it was an R6, and he had only a speedo style swimming shirts on, that's it, not even helmet or shoes. He looked at me with a smile (I on the contrary had all my gear on under 30 degrees C, like an astronaut) and he left the gas station with a wheelie!)

I drive now in some small roads, really nice but I got lost I have maps and compass, no GPS. It is quite efficient technique as long as you have good maps but I am lost again. No problems, experience tells me that I've seen many nice places when I got lost my way And scenes like this

After driving a while inland, I reach Atlantic.

I am used to turquoise waters of Mediterranean or Aegian sea but I somehow like this grayish Atlantic. It makes you understand somehow that it is an ocean, maybe because of its big waves or aggressive weather. Simply impressive.

Finally, I arrive to Bilbao. It is a big town and I don't like spending much time in big towns because too many people and too much traffic is always a problem, experience talks. No difference here, I make two harsh breakings because some blind spanish drivers can't see a 200kg bike in front of them. Then a car scratches my left side bag while driving backwards in a one lane traffic. What can I say, you don't wanna go in trouble, don't stop in big towns or drive through them 6am on Sunday morning

Finally, I see the museum and pass by it and whhaattt the fffff, I passed it and could not stop or make a turn, the road turned into a tunnel and I am in some sort of a highway passing through suburbs of Bilbao. I would not recommend the suburbs of this town. After couple of kilometers I make a turn and drive back to the museum.

Was it worth all these problems? Yes it was actually. A very impressive architecture! If I remember right, the architect is from USA. The outside structure of the building looks like a fish's skin.

The exhibition inside was ok but I spend more time to watch the museum itself.

What can I say, one of the cutest dogs I've seen is guarding the museum

I am done here, looking forward to leave this stressful town and driving towards Picos de Europa...
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