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The best laid plans!!
I am still here in Fairbanks, and it is 4:30 PM
I had no idea it would take me this long to clean up!! I figured a couple of hours, a little place like this, but oh boy was I ever wrong!!
On top of that I am closed in by 3 cop cars!! The lady upstairs was not leaving even though the landlord gave her plenty of notice, and even offered her another place that might suit her better. The she accused him of raping him (while the wife was standing next to him hidden from view. I tell you!! People!!
So as soon as the cops are gone I am going to make my last dump run, drop the burner off at Darrin's, go to the post office to mail my balancer thingy to JustJeff in LacLaBiche, and go to Fred Meyers for some more earplugs.
By the time I'm back it will be about 6.
For some reason I thought Tok was only 2 hours away, but my landlord said more like 4, so I've decided to just spend one more night here and leave early in the morning with Spirit already packed up and ready to go.
I think to keep pushing now would be a mistake, I am utterly exhausted!!!
Oh well, what's one more day??
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