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Catching up on some of our short winter day rides. Finding a day that is not too cold and maybe not ice if we stayed off the higher mountains, we decided to explore some in Turkey Creek near Leicester NC. So our route for the day was leaving our place near Lake Logan, down to Canton, over the mountain to Sandy Mush ( don't have a clue on that name) via Willow Creek, then down to Turkey Creek, through the Gap to Newfound, then up Hookers Gap Rd ( I do have a clue on that one) through Candler, over the Blue Ridge Parkway via 151, into Davidson River, some dirt, then back here from a southern direction from Balsam Grove. Following are a few barn and shack photos from that little 3-4 hour run. Photos by mtngal:

Checkout the Ivey on this silo

Nice craftsmanship in this home

Not a cheap home to build in its day

I guess for roping practice?

I would really not want to go in this barn....

Turkey Creek Greeters

Please take me with you!!! Please!!!

Old barns and curvy roads today....

I guess there was a special on green paint sometime in the past...

I dunno what to think about this one...

What is this huge thing? Two story hen house maybe?

This road is private! and enforced! and patrolled ( well patroled I mean) ....with no warnings I gotta think about that one for a minute...does have the odor of trouble I suppose so we will turn around and go back as I would hate to get one of those "no warnings" from the "patroler"

You gettin' tired of these old barns and too...

Here is one from further away

Sun never gets very high in the sky this time of year.

Stone bridge was built by the CCC in the 1930's and still solid as ever...

Making tracks homeward...

But I have to stop at an old picnic table site where I used to camp for weeks at a time with my parents as a child...same table still there back off the road.... so we set the camera up on a timer.

Oh I almost forgot about this place, they have pulled this thing up a cowpasture road, it is sitting at about a 5 degree incline and people are living in it....even got Direct TV...gotta have that!!!!

Crossing another little gap

Thats all on this one but we have lately been exploring some new off road areas over near Murphy, Towsend TN, and Tellico Plains so I will be posting those up as well as a ride out to find Judaculla Rock in Cullowhee.

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