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May 9

Victory Day!!!!!

This is a day that intrests me greatly me. Mainly because it makes me realize how relevant events are to time. September 11th comes around and I see all this stuff on Facebook about how "we will never forget". May 9 roles around or December 7 a day that will live in infamy and I see virtually nothing. I guess in 60 years September 11 will be just another day for most people who weren't alive when it happened.

Sorry for my rant now for a couple pictures. I spent the day in Tver a town of about 500,000. They had period machines out for kids to climb on then a memorial service. There were still a few WWII veterans around which was nice.

I ended the day with Okcana and her 85 year old neighbor, Babafaya retelling her time during the war. She was 11 or 12 when her village was captured and 15 when the war ended. Her memory of Victory day 1945 was "We were working in the field when a man on a horse road up acting a bit crazy and screaming VICTORY VICTORY!!!! We all stopped looked at him and said ohh go away your drunk we dont want to hear your crap. He said I'm not drunk I promise just smell me. THATS WHEN I KNEW THE WAS WAR OVER." That night there was a big dance with all the neighboring villages and everybody showed up in rags and sacks because thats all they had. My girlfriend has a picture of all of us from that evening I hope to get and will post when I do.
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