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June 7

Woke up about 6:30 Saturday and was on the road by 7:00. Had about 400 miles to go in a nice 95 degree heat.

Ran across this on the side of the road at some point.

It was a long day.... The road went from ok to bad back to ok so my speed was always fluctuating. Not that I go to fast anyways for the most I keep my speed around 80 to 90 km occasionally 100kmh , 50 to 55 mph occasionally 60mph. In general I try to keep the speed low so I can see things whether its to react to something in the road or if I see something on the side of the road I want to stop and check out.

Just outside of Volgograd I wanted to stop at a burial site.

This was first established by the Germans during the war. Around 1995 I think it was turned into a massive cemetary relocating graves scattered around to a more centralized location. On one side of the street was a German burial site on the other a Soviet.

This was the soviet side. Very nicely done everything clean and well kept.

This was the German side. It was clean and well kept but not nearly as elaborate as the Soviet side. I dont know why this is, I assume this is what they were allowed to do by the Russians nothing to elaborate. There are currently about 48,000 German soldiers buried here.

After that I continued on into Volgograd. It was about 6:00pm and I wanted to find a hotel to wash and sleep. As soon as I stopped though I was swarmed by these damned little bugs!!!! I dont know what they were but there were everywhere and very very thick. If you werent moving they would land on you glasses in your hair ohh it was annoying.

I couldnt find a place to stay in the center of town that was in my price range so I ended up about 15 km from the center in a little place. It wasnt to bad at least a bed and a shower anyhow.

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