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Very interesting report! Thanks for posting! Although we just had the D-Day commemoration, which seemed to get a lot of press, I think that because there were no WW2 battles in the continental US it makes the war seem distant. It all happened "in Europe" or "in the Pacific" -- far away from home. With the passage of years the war becomes distant in both space and time. Add to that many Americans' lack of knowledge about the history of their own country (let alone the world) as typified in those "Jay walking" pieces on the Tonight Show. And maybe American optimism for a "better tomorrow" contributes to the lack of interest in venerating the past. From Little Orphan Annie in the musical singing "the sun will come out tomorrow" to Scarlet O'Hara's closing line from "Gone With the Wind", "tomorrow is another day," American optimism seems linked to leaving the past behind. Of course, it is still true that those who do not learn from the past tend to repeat it's mistakes in the future!
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