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Jenn: Are you talking about taking the dry lake bed road to the E and SE from Canon de Guadalupe??? If that's the case then I wish we did dammit!!! We didn't know whether or not we could get through so chickened out and went north the way we came back to the highway then cut over to Mexicali and S to San Felipe. Without knowing for sure, the sandy road to the south seemed like a bad idea after all the warnings I read about getting stuck in silt w a big bike..
That lake bed is dry ALL THE TIME, esp this time of year. It might get a little moist in rainy season but... when is that?

There are well worn roads across it - you can see them on Google maps satellite view - and there are signs all over it pointing you to Canon de Guadalupe, even signs in English that say "hot springs."

And it's super nice - grippy soil, not thick and dusty like the road.

When I had gone to Canyon de Guadalupe the first time 10 years ago, it was in a friend's 4x4 truck so we had NO problems flying along. Took the lakebed on the way out.

My trip in February - we went in on the road and I regretted it. I thought it would be "interesting" for my riding companion and after going out on the lakebed, we spent a LOT of time riding around on the lakebed. We went all the way to Tecate on the lakebed!
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