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Sizing / Polyester / Liners / Boots

Originally Posted by ChildlikeWonder View Post
Please don't change the European sizing. There are plenty of brands for overweight people, but very few for those of us who are not overweight...

Also, I hope the 3 liner system continues...

It would be great if knee armor were more adjustable up and down, and if there were some way to cinch the leg in the area of the armor to make the armor fit more tightly. It would also be great to see polyester go away. I understand and appreciate the REV'IT approach of not just making gear that fits and feels like a heavy burlap sack and saying "there, that's safe," but polyester shreds so quickly.

Finally, I wish the gloves had longer palms...
Hey ChildLikeWonder, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We certainly have no intentions of getting rid of the European sizing -- it's one of our most appreciated features. With our jeans line, we're introducing some more relaxed fits this fall, but that will be in addition to and not in place of the current line. We understand there's a huge hole in the US market on nicely tailored riding gear, and we'll continue our sizing accordingly.

We're also expanding the way we approach liners. You'll see some improvements in the coming year or so, but the flexibility of choosing whichever layers you need at the time won't change.

As for your thoughts on materials, we like to remind consumers that not all polyesters are created equal. The chosen materials for each product are the result of extensive in-house research and testing, and there are definitely polyesters fit for the job: The Chonos GTX jacket, for example, uses polyester in a RIB construction that results in great pull strength as well as cut, tear and abrasion resistance. If you've never had the uh, "pleasure" of doing a real-world abrasion resistance test on one of our products, I can share my own results: I slid quite a way in an Airwave Ladies' and the material (a combination of Lorica, high density polyester 600D, PWR shell mesh and polyester rib) held. Not a scrape on me. (Bruises, on the other hand...) Pretty amazing results for a jacket that's less than $200.

We'll pass on your thoughts on knee armor. Thanks for letting us know!

Originally Posted by wizze View Post
Hey Rev'it

I have the silver/blue Sand 2 jacket that replaced my original Sand jacket. Many nice upgrades/fixes. I wish the original's collar clip back hook would have made it to the Sand 2. I miss hooking the collar tab back when it's warmer so I fold it inside which is just leaving a dirty mark on the collar. Also, the fit in the shoulder/armpit area is fine with no liners but with all liners installed, the armpit area is tighter than my original Sand. I'm not ripped by any means either. A little more generous cut in this area would be nicer.

I like the Euro fit and and different liners to flow with the conditions. Like ChildlikeWonder says not every American is a fat ass. Thanks for a great product and listening to our critiques.
Thanks, Wizze! We'll definitely pass along your input on the Sand 2.

Originally Posted by easy_rider_77 View Post
Any word on the below query?
Hey easy_rider -- sorry about that! As of right now, there are no plans to release GORE-TEX boots. We're getting excellent feedback on our urban boots collection, and will likely continue to develop that segment in the immediate future. Maybe sometime further down the road!

Ride safe,
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