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Originally Posted by nixobilly View Post

Everybody is aware that the Sena Marketing Machine rules over Sena Engineering and Manufacturing.

A bunch of us, and others not in ADV, ordered this product many months ago.

I always go to RZ to provision goods before anybody else (no flames please) and am a devoted client.

I would only ask RZ to get one of their accounting nerds to create a spreadsheet and issue an order ranking number so we know where we are in queue (pre orders, I'm in February) on where we are on the delivery timeline.

Shame on Sena for announcing a vaporware product. Shame on RZ AND Sena for collecting payments for delivery and not informing their clients where they are in the queues for delivery. (Canceling your order if you don't like it is unacceptable)

No one wants a product that is not ready. No one accepts poor communications when everything is in place to support it.

Just saying'


Hi Nixobilly,

We appreciate your loyalty to RevZilla and your feedback regarding the Sena 20S. When manufacturers release new products that are available for Pre-order, they give us an estimated release date, which we display on our website. Within the last few weeks, Sena has learned their 20S shipment will be much smaller than they initially anticipated six months ago.

In an effort to continue our transparency, we have no way of knowing how many units will be available or when the units will ship until we physically receive them in our warehouse. We have not received enough information from Sena for us to feel comfortable setting expectations. As a customer waiting on a dual pack, I completely understand your frustration. We are in constant communication with Sena regarding this situation. As we receive updates, we will be sure to keep our customers updated as well.

Thanks again, Nixobilly!

Ride safely,

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