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Woke up nice and early, packed up and headed out. We talked to Juan(the camp host) and Phil about which route to take on the way out. We couldn't get a difinitive answer on the way South to San Felipe so we played it safe and took the washboard hell road back north to hwy 2. Baja is known for it's silt which has been rumored to make big bikes disappear never to be seen again, don't particularly want to chance it this early into the trip.. From hwy 2 we'll cut over to Mexicali and then South on 5 to San Felipe.

A few parting shots..

Saw our first questionable roadside taco shop..

Absolutely fantastic! Gotta love the cane sugar mexican coke as well, tastes way better then our corn syrup subsidized bullshit.

Stopped at a gas station after breezing through yet another remarkably easy military checkpoint. As it is now mid morning there's still some unfinished business I had to take care off so I wandered over to the clean and relaively new bathrooms. Here I was faced with a quandry... You have to pre-pay for toilet paper. I pondered my food intake over the past 24 hours and decided to go with 3 pesos worth in an effort to minimize the chance of doing a waddle of shame back to the TP machine.

Luckily, 3 was more then enough as it even afforded me the chance to properly blow my nose with the extras. But I digress...

We jumped back on the bike and rode through the dry heat to San Filepe. Before pulling into town I noticed a stand alone fireworks shop, YES!!!!! A little too hot to stop so I'll grab some at the next spot. We roll into town, find a cheap place to stay with a pool and proceed to cool off for a bit before walking to the main drag.

There were some, ahem, healthy ladies obviously partying for a bachelorette party. I'm not too proud to say I may have got a cat call or two..

Back at it again, after the success of the last taco cart we had to try it again.

The Phoenix approved as did I. The food down here is phenominal!

Welcome to Mexico, where you can be your own kickstand!

A couple cocktails at the local gringo bar..

Left my ADV calling card..

After the sun goes down in San Felipe, the entire town comes to life and crowds the main drag next to the beach. Live music, food carts, loud music and louder music. Loved the feel of it.

One more fish taco before passing out..

And I'm done..

UP NEXT: The coastal road to Alfonsinas.
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