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Been riding a fair amount, but have very few pictures. Finally got my camera back from the repair shop, but can't find the memory card they insisted I take home for "safe keeping."

Left home at 10:30 yesterday and decided to ride northeast. Wanted to see if it was as flat and as full of straight roads as it appears from I-65. Actually, some of it is, but it has hidden gems that make riding it worthwhile.

There was some light wind evident as I left home, but it got a lot more evident as the ride went on. I ended up in Thorntown looking for gas. I saw a Marathon station at the edge of town, but it was still under construction. Rode into downtown and hopped off the bike to stretch. Man, that SV seat really is an instrument of torture. I really need to do something to improve comfort if I intend to ride longer distances.

There are public benches in Thorntown along the main street. I took advantage of the hospitality.

This old building caught my attention.

I asked a woman if there was a gas station in town and she said, "You are a week too early. They filled the tanks at the new station today, but it doesn't open until next week."

Pulled out the phone and fired up the GPS. Gas about 10 miles away in Lebanon. I took the first road that went that direction. The wind had REALLY picked up in the time I was in town--about 20 minutes. Gusts were blowing me all over the road--one of the disadvantages of a light bike. I had been thinking about changing the mirrors on the bike. It came with bar end mirrors and I like the view, but don't like having to move my eyes so far down to acquire the it. I really think I'll change them after this ride.

The road was a two-lane, divided road. Without warning it went down to one lane and turned into an entrance ramp onto I-65. The last time I was on an expressway on a bike was in 2000. Didn't like it then and really didn't like it in the middle of this extremely gusty wind. Decided to get off as quickly as possible, but the next exit was across three lanes to the left. Uh, no. Next exit was about a mile further, so I pulled off and filled the tank. Happy to see the exit. No way I was getting back on I-65, so I took the road next to the gas station.

Turned out it was the wrong direction to get home and it had me riding directly into the wind. Decided to get off the first side road headed toward home. Pulled off and discovered I had the wrong bike. No, the bike was still the SV I left home on, but I really needed a KLR or Wee-Strom for the task at hand. There are still areas in Indiana with gravel roads and I was smack in the middle of one. SV's are not really designed to handle gravel roads. Back onto the main road.

Finally found a paved road heading toward home. Riding with the wind reduced the need for the death grip on the bars and the constant battle to keep the bike heading in the right direction and in my own lane. Sweet relief.

Arrived home at about 2:30 and by 4:00 the wind had died down. I think we were experiencing the remnants of the storms that devastated Nebraska the night before.

A few shots from other rides since my camera died.

Hope you are all getting some saddle time.
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