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Airwave pants

Originally Posted by Wise Guy View Post
Just picked up the men's Airwave jacket. Love it. Flows a ton of air.

Really disappointed though when I went to buy the matching Airwave pant in a men's size medium short. I contacted a dozen or so retailers, on both sides of the Atlantic, and no one has them, and no one knows when to expect them.


1. Can you point me to any dealer/retailer that might have a pair? (prefer silver, but would take black at this point)
2. Are these pants being phased out/replaced with something for 2015, or should I expect to see a restocking to retailers this summer?
3. Any ETA on these hitting the shelves again?

Thanks in advance!
Hey WiseGuy -- You're correct. The Airwave have been extremely popular this year, and our stock took a huge hit. We're expecting more sometime late July or early August (and that, of course, is assuming no problems with customs, etc.). Unfortunately, we have no way of seeing what dealers still do or do not have them in stock; your best bet is probably to just wait this one out!

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