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Cangas de Onis - Zaragoza -Barcelona- Mallorka and Stockholm

I leave early Cangas de Onis and drive southwest towards the city Burgos on small roads, then I will take the highway unfortunately to arrive to Zarogaza on time. I don't like driving on highways, really boring but sometimes it is necessary. After staying in Zaragoza one night, I will drive to Barcelona and take the ferry to Mallorca.

It rained last night again. It was a rainy week when I was there, not really what you would expect from a trip in Spain but these area is high up and rain is common. Actually, just before reaching Cangas de Onis yesterday, it snowed in combination with rain Not a big problem for me since we are quite used to drive on rainy roads in Scandinavia and I was satisfied with my Metzeler Z3 tires' grip on wet asphalt.

I am back on curvey roads and sometimes nice surprises welcomes you after these tight curves.

I pass through a small cute village again

Now it flattened and I face big plantation fields ahead of me. I guess I drove about an hour just straight through these fields changing color from tones of green to brown. It was around 4 pm and all colors were in pastel tones. One gets a little melancholic in such a setup but peaceful at the same time. You know, when you are happy or very relaxed, nice memories or scenes go through your thoughts, this moment is one of them for me. Kind of the definition of freedom on motorcycle.

I arrive to Burgos and continue my ride on the highway. I arrive to Zaragoza around 6pm and meet my friend Anna who lived a while in Stockholm.

After civilization phase (shower, shave, change clothes etc ) She takes me to the centre of town.

Anna on a nice street of Zaragoza, convincing her boyfriend on the phone that I am not a typical cazanova motorcycle guy

A view from the cathedral

Me in civilized version

When I mention to Anna that tapas in San Sebastian were delicious, she gets jealous and takes me to multiple tapas restaurants. I can't complain
I saw Zaragoza only night time so I can't comment much. It is famous with its super warm wind in the summer and beautiful cathedral.

Next day, I say bye to my friends her friendly parents and continue my ride to Barcelona. I follow the old highway road, which is parallel to new one.

Suddenly I see a BIG bull on the hill ahead of me. Can it be, can a bull be so big. Wait a second, doesn't this bull look like all those stickers I saw on the back of cars. Now I understand, it is a huge advertisement panel on the hill.

Apparently, these panels have been placed next to highways for a commercial but Spanish people liked them so much they carry that bull as a sticker on their cars.

I am in Barcelona now, I know the town and it is not difficult to find where the ferry leaves. It is really warm, need to change clothes immediately. Do my regular striptease show on the parking lot, that many of us had to do sometime. Some old german ladies sitting in a parked car next to me seem to be happy with the view

After roughly 4 hours of trip, I am in Mallorca. The biggest island of Balearic Islands east of Barcelona. My girlfriend is waiting for me there
Mallorca is the largest of Balearic islands (other two are Menorca and party island Ibiza ) I really like Mallorca because it offers many things. Its topology is varied. South and east sides of the island are nice long beaches whereas west and northwest section is high up (around 1500mt) with high cliffs, forests and more milder climate in the summer. The island is suitable for every budget segment from charter resorts to super exklusive areas with large yachts etc. Besides beaching, hiking, bicycling, golfing and cross motorcycling are some activities one can do on the island.

I look forward to drive on the west side of island with my TDM but it is really warm so I do it only for couple of days then give up and wash my bike with my girlfriend's expensive shampoo instead She didn't appreciate that as you can imagine

As I said, it is a very beatiful island

with crystal clear water

The northwest side is my favorite

It is too warm so I decide to try other sports then motorcycling

and I slowly fall asleep after so many kilometers, nice memories and curves while watching this view

So that's the end of another motorcycle trip. The trip back home is as usual fast and simple without pictures etc.

Ferry to Barcelona, drive to Avignon, load the bike to autozug again, next day I am in Hamburg and then drive through Danmark to Sweden, overnight in lovely university town of Lund in south of Sweden, drive eastwards to the island called Öland, join my Rapido club members in the Svinträff (mean piggathering or pigfestival or pigmeeting, don't ask me why, the club organizing the gathering has a name with pigs to do )
but welcoming committee had nothing to do with pigs to do

finally I drive back home with some Rapido members.

I hope you enjoyed my report. If you have any questions about routes, tips etc. just send me a pm.

Next report? It will be a Norway trip report and I can hear that some of you say, another Norway report? But trust me, this is different, if you liked pictures in this and the Alp report then you will love pictures from the Norway report and you will witness how 25 southern Swedes (as we call them skåningar) are invading Norway and having great fun

Take care and drive safely.
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