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Hi Everyone,

Another girlie rider here. I see there are a number of women riders but the posts are hit and miss. I just stumbled on this thread today.

I've been riding 30 or so years, learned in the dirt, went to street, returned to dirt about 15 years ago, while still riding street and am now doing more street than dirt. Last spring I bought my current bike a '99 BMW F650 with the intentions of being able to explore some of the terrific dirt roads in the Pacific Northwest with out worrying about damaging a street bike. It's a great bike and I will be enjoying it more and more this up coming season.

I'm a little different than most the women that ride dirt or street for that matter. I enjoy dirt but not being competive, I'm happy to go out all day exploring the trails without having guys around, I can't keep up with them and they get bored waiting for me and I get frustrated. Most women I have met that ride dirt either have a need to have a man along (not brave enough to venture out with another woman or women) or if they don't need guys around they are much more competive and better riders than I am and I still get left behind. I'll never be all that great (fast) but I sure do enjoy riding dirt. I ride a Honda XR100 because everything else is just too darned tall for me to feel comfortable on. That little bike is like a mountain goat though, it might not be fast, doesn't have much for suspension, but it will go places people never beleive it will go and with my fat ass on it.

Street riding, I do most of it solo. I've found it difficult trying to ride with other people. But, it is fun to meet other riders, camp with them, and maybe do a short ride together.

I see there are a few gals from the PNW. Hopefully we'll meet at some point.
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