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Quit the back stabbing, very un-professional and quite childish. Besides, what you have been saying is your old product you designed and keep bashing is junk, if that is junk now, which was premium then, I would expect more junk. Stand on what you have and sing it's virtues, that will sell more product than school yard tactics. Stay on track and sell what you have to offer, bashing ANY other brand will always make you look small and insecure.

Rant if you want, or unfuck the BS. I'll bow out gracefully, and in all likeliness be ordering one of the hemisphere holster setups, really slick bit of kit if you ask me.
Wow, I totally agree with RAZR. Cool off dude! Dave is just saying he's made improvements on "HIS" original design. He's not bashing G-Loop. The Coyote/Great Basin system is still good. The Hemisphere is just worlds better IMHO. Nuff said!
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