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Lost Coast - Best place to stage out of?

Hello all,

GF and I are heading up to the Lost Coast in Aug for a few days of dual sport riding (on little bikes).

1) I was planning on camping around the Shelter Cove area, but she wants a motel room. At $180+ a night in Shelter Cove, a motel isn't going to happen.

2) Plan B is now to stay in Garberville/Redway or the Fortuna area. We could either ride-in or trailer-in each day (I prefer to stay off of pavement with knobbie$). Yes I know this is a sucky way of doing things, but this is what happens when your GF starts riding...

Q1- Where would you recommend staying for 2 or 3 "day trips" into the Lost Coast? If we trailer-in where would you recommend staging?

Q2- Where can we get fuel in the Lost Coast region? I have a 100-120 mile range, she can only go 75-90 miles.

Q3- Will we get hassled for having out of state bikes that technically aren't CA legal? We're legally plated in AZ but tires aren't DOT / no turn signals / horn / etc. It hasn't been a problem while riding off-road in CA, as we rarely touch pavement or even gravel roads. This will be our first time on the 'mean streets' of northern california ;)

Obligatory girl on moto pic:
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