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>"We could either ride-in or trailer-in each day..."

The 'Lost Coast' is mainly 'dual-sport' riding.
Quite a bit of pavement to get there and move from place to place.

What sort of distances do you ride?

Here's examples of 'dirt' sections... (these are only rough mileages).
Other sections of these roads are pavement.

Usal Road - 25 miles.
Horse Mtn road (at Shelter Cove) - 15 miles.
Monument Peak - 15 miles.
Sherwood Forest road near Willits - 20 miles.
Mina Road (Covelo to Kettenpom) - 20 miles.
Bell Springs - 25 miles.
Dyerville Loop - 20 miles.

Some other areas... Ruth to Red Bluff, Mendocino Forest, Indian Valley,
you can accumulate more dirt miles.

>"Q1- Where would you recommend staying for 2 or 3 "day trips" into the Lost Coast? If we trailer-in where would you recommend staging?"

Motels ? Redway/Garberville, or maybe Fortuna for the north end.
Other areas... Hayfork, Clear Lake etc.

>"Q2- Where can we get fuel in the Lost Coast region? I have a 100-120 mile range, she can only go 75-90 miles."

Near the Lost Coast... Shelter Cove, Redway, Honeydew, Petrolia, Fortuna, Rio Dell. Honeydew and Petrolia are small tanks at the 'stores'.

>"Q3- Will we get hassled for having out of state bikes that technically aren't CA legal? We're legally plated in AZ but tires aren't DOT / no turn signals / horn / etc. It hasn't been a problem while riding off-road in CA, as we rarely touch pavement or even gravel roads. This will be our first time on the 'mean streets' of northern california ;)"

IMHO: On 'back roads'... you probably won't get hassled.
Main highways (101) might be a problem though... can't tell you for sure.

Bikes are quiet?... or noisy?
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