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Thank you

> The 'Lost Coast' is mainly 'dual-sport' riding. Quite a bit of pavement to get there and move from place to place.

10-4, I'll ditch the knobbies and put some intermediate tires on the bikes.

> What sort of distances do you ride?

Short by ADV standards - mostly limited by narrow hard seats.

>Motels ? Redway/Garberville, or maybe Fortuna for the north end. Other areas... Hayfork, Clear Lake etc.

We found a place in Rio Dell on AirBNB-- it looks pretty close to the dirt.

>Near the Lost Coast... Shelter Cove, Redway, Honeydew, Petrolia, Fortuna, Rio Dell. Honeydew and Petrolia are small tanks at the 'stores'.

Cool. Google maps didn't show any fuel except at Honeydew, good to know there is more out there.

> IMHO: On 'back roads'... you probably won't get hassled. Main highways (101) might be a problem though... can't tell you for sure.

We won't be on any major roads at all (her bike won't pull highway speeds).

> Bikes are quiet?... or noisy?

Quiet, Her bike is 1/2 as loud as a lawnmower. Mine has the stock off road exhaust (which is as quiet as a big bore thumper gets, which isn't very quiet, but we're very conscious of being good neighbors when riding). Loud pipes might save lives but they definitely close riding areas...

Thanks for the info!
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