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Originally Posted by Full Power View Post
I only ran the device for just over 1000 miles. initially all local, short trips. Once out on the "highway" following troopers and motorhomes at 55-60 miles per hour steady, I noted the reduction in economy, and removed the 'Juice' at roadside. Over the next 300 miles, the exhaust has cleaned up, and fuel economy is improved.
Dont need refund, device is sold..

Again, it did exactly what it was supposed to do, I don't consider it to be defective, it is just not useful to my exact needs, which involve long distance, unsupported travel over roads with sparse fuel supply.
. 95% of my riding is between speeds of 50 and 65 miles per hour.
Vanishingly less than 1 % of my riding is at or "off-Idle" in 1st or 2nd gear, the abrupt low throttle behavior is a trade off I am willing to accept as long as I can maintain 58 to 65 miles per gallon in cross country, 2-up travel..

Thank you for standing behind your product, and for your customer service as well.
I purchased the Juice unit from Full Power and as he states from a performance standpoint it performs as advertised. I have to admit he warned me about the extra fuel consumption issue that he experienced but I never read about anyone else experiencing that issue so I assumed it must be something specific to his bike. Typically I get 62-65 mpg's for my "average" riding style. My first tank after installing the Juice was 60 mpg, the second was 57, the third 55 and the last few have been 52+/-. So I have lost 10-12 mpg's after installing the Juice device. Again, other than the mpg's it seems to work as advertised.

Is it possible there is something with this particular unit that is causing the fuel consumption issues? Any other possible explainations or thoughts?
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