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6/24/2014: Today was to begin in Sacramento, CA and work our way through the mountains today and dropping into the desert going through Carson City and along highway 50 to Fallen, NV.

The morning started out perfect waking up in Sacramento to perfect riding weather. Left the city headed out into the mountains

We worked our way through the city streets on our way over to the mountains and the beautiful countryside of northern California.

Had a great time winding up in the mountains through the forest roads. The tree canopy engulfed the road and just gave us a great shaded, remote country road to take in with all the miles. Continued through the trees wrapping along the hills to our first gas stop which happened to be this little country store and restaurant.

Continued to play around in the hills on awesome roads that brought you back to your childhood, just having fun cruising around with your friends, weaving in and out of the forested corners. Then I got him and he got me back.

That is I got a squirrel and he got me. I think I ended up with the upper hand since I wasn’t killed. We then continued on and worked our way down into Tahoe after overcoming our biggest obstacle.

We worked and worked the bikes were full throttle and were working as hard as they could to reach the summit. They kept Klim-ing up to the summit and reach the highest we have ever taken them, 7382 ft. Then we dropped down into Tahoe. Just an incredible view on the lake from the highway.

We went down to town and had a great lunch at BOB DOG Pizza, It was a great end to the first half of the day. Next we went down into Carson City and then worked our way across Highway 50, “The Loneliest Highway” towards Fallen, NV.

Youtube from the day

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