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Originally Posted by mpenner View Post
My car window stuck halfway down on Memorial Day so I have ridden the bike to work every day since.

Because I had missed all of the rain, I was stupid enough to make a remark to my wife last Friday morning that I wasn't afraid of the rain, it was afraid of me.

Starting Friday and for 4 days straight now I have gotten a soaking rain either to or from work. God has a remarkable sense of humor.

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I got my annual soaking done yesterday. I hope I'm done for the year, but I doubt it. There's at least one other inmate, that I talked to briefly as I was leaving lunch, who also decided it would be OK to ride during a flash flood watch with a thunderstorm on the way. Sorry I couldn't talk longer, but I was running late.
Friend: That was some trail shortcut. Me: Yep. See how fast we got lost.
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