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Scooters Day3 Update

6/25/2014: Today we began in Fallon, NV and work our way across the desert floor and over some mountains towards our final destination Wells NV.

The morning started out bright and early leaving from Fallon at 6:45 since it was a long day ahead of us of some 397 miles. We started out on the loneliest road in America traveling across the desert.

This section was long and very flat but not as boring as you might think. It had some interesting scenery changes and even quite a few hills.

We had to work at having out scooters climb any and every hill along the day so, when there was a sign showing the pass we had to take a picture. There were a total of 9 passes so that shows that it isn't just a boring, flat old desert road. It had some nice scenery changes. The highest pass was at 7600 ft which is our new record for these little scooters and they just kept motoring along smoothly. We came to a couple old mining towns during the day.

These little old towns, such as Eureka, had just that great old time American mining vibe and just these very cool and authentic mining culture bestowed in them. We also went over the one of the famous trails that lead to the west.

Thats right the Pony Express Trail, we even found out that my dad could imitate a old cowboy. We continued on putting more and more miles under our belt until we had the first major failure.

Thats right we had a footpeg failure on the little 70. Okay, so it isn't as bad as you think just the little rubber cover came off. This was bad news for us though because we had to spend an hour looking back and forth on the highway for it.

We found it a 100 yard back from where we stopped and were able to hit the road again and motored on for our last 100 miles. This is also when we ran into our first rain of the trip. It happened to just be a little sprinkle and was a nice way to cool off.

411 Miles on Small Bikes WOW
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