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Originally Posted by pcvance View Post
1. I will if I can...
theGrinch can use your Xterra for extraction duty.
Yes, you missed out on some real fun on Verplank!
Byron (upinsmoke) did the Dusy on a WR450 solo in a few hours last year, but that guy can ride. JPaccassi and Montibank have done it too I think. It's easier on bikes than 4x4's.
I can't say the Xterra has never been used as an extraction vehicle, but I thought The Grinch got a fancy truck, with winches and lifts and gear and stuff? You didn't just equip him with a Woodlake set up right? Some old big block pick-up with no tailgate and an old U-Haul dolly, right?

Seems like it would be easier on a bike, tight stuff isn't so tight, and big rocks can be gone around... But I've never done it either way.

Originally Posted by longtallsally View Post
Have no fear (again, if I bring the little bike) as the Jeep makes short order of such nonsense:

And Grinch may be a bit loony, but a damn good rider and very capable of helping out. YOu can't have a nicer guy to ride with than pcvance either.

Just remember, take the bags off and lose as much weight on the bike as possible and go slow and you'll be fine. The Dusy Ershim is a spicy meatball, but with help doable.

Well, to be honest, I had Bald or Brewer more in mind, at least for noobs. PCVance is the guy who brought up the Dusy. I think he wants to ride it. I know it's not their beloved singletrack, but sometimes it's good to broaden one's horizons.

Originally Posted by adrisley View Post
I'm so stoked to get out on a ride! I'll be coming on my KLR. Just got my crash bars and skid plate put on so I'll be ready for a tip over or twelve for my first off road excursion!
I'm loving the enthusiasm I'm hearing from everyone who is so anxious to get out there and wreck their bikes! I really felt that was missing from the MSF course we took...

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