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Day4 Update to Idaho

6/26/2014: Today we began in Wells, NV and were headed towards Rupert, ID.

The morning had a little bit of a late start due to the fact that we were up till midnight working on the bikes. We were able to fix the scooters problem it was just the belt. put the old belt back on the bike and it ran fine again. That is why you shouldn’t change parts on the bike dad. He has always said don't take apart more than you have to so we should have listened to his own advice.

Started out a little cold and looked as it was going to be a cold rainy day. We each started with just an sweatshirt and our klim jackets. As the day progressed the weather turn worse and worse mile by mile.

We finally reached the end of the Nevada and got to Idaho.

Yeaaa, we finally made it across the nevada deserts and the little scooters are making it closer to New York. Once we crossed the state line the weather was looking really bad so we decided to put on all of our rain gear; waterproof gloves, boot covers, rain pants, and our jackets. Then we motored on and in about 2 miles we reached the rain.

We keep on seeing the sun off in the distance and hoping that we were leaving the storm since we still had 80 miles to travel. We got really close 10 times and every time we were close my dad’s route decided to turn and head right back towards the center. For the next hour we battled the rain and the tractor trailers flying by us and blinding us with all the water they threw up. We even saw some lightning off in the distance. We got off the main highway and hit some of the back roads and then in typical roulette fashion we came to a dirt road.

Now it was interesting going down a dirt road covered with gravel and ruts as well as having mud laid over the top. The little scooter didn't really like it especially with its tiny 10in tires and the suspension being only springs. This reminded me of riding a mechanical bull just hang on and hope you stay one. We worked and worked and finally made it the 7 miles down the dirt road and reach the pavement. Since we were back on hard stable ground the rain now decided to stop and we continued into town. Today we battled the elements not the distances like the day before, traveling a total of 170 miles. Let hope that tomorrow is not the worst of both having 220 miles and looks like it is going to rain.

The Story of Jeffrey's Scooter

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