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Originally Posted by indypup View Post
I'm sure you'd love the 350 XCF-W. Everyone that has ridden mine so far say it's the perfect 4T tight woods bike. Even guys riding 450/5XX XC-W's
You just trying to get a 'broken bone buddy' to hang out with?

I'm good. Every time I rode the KTM I came away impressed with how good the WRR is, and I realize that might sound stupid, because the KTM is such a phenomenal bike. But for the riding I do, and the skill set I possess, the WRR really is an excellent choice. It's just easy to ride. I realize this year's Flint Ridge was greasier than some prior years, but I couldn't help thinking how much of an easier time I had the past few times on the WRR. Again, I realize the absurdity of what I am saying, since everyone will tell you "200 2 stroke KTM is the perfect woods bike".
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