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After my last post at Starbucks I headed back to my tent (hoping it was still there).
I had marked how many miles exactly it was from the intersection so I would find it again. Glad I did cause I would have rode right past it

Yep having a green tent comes in handy

I cooked dinner while enjoying the fact that I actually had a houseplant for a while

I packed as much as I could (which really wasnít much as I was tired) and went to bed hoping it would not rain during the night.
I slept like a rock and in the morning was woken by a shining sun.
It looked like it was going to be a very nice day.
I took my sweet time cooking breakfast and breaking camp, but was sure Iíd be out of there by 10.
Why is it every time I am sure of something, something else happens?
Anyway, it was nothing major, or at least I hope it wonít be, but upon checking my tire pressure I noticed that the front was just a tad low, but the back didnít show any pressure at all! I looked at the tire, but it looked fine, not flat or anything. I decided to get my green slime air compressor and look at the pressure that way as I figured my tire gauge bit the dust. Same thing, 5psi. I had a flat and didnít even know about it. I had felt that Spirit seemed to pull a tad more, but I thought it was because of all the weight. I plugged the green slime in my 12 volt and blew up my tire.
I thought Iíd better keep an eye on it and keep checking the pressure every so often.
This is the first time I had a 130/80/17, as I had mentioned before, and I guess pne of the pros on this tire is that you can ride it without any air in it!!

I also notice that the passenger footrest mount was missing a bolt. Must have rattled loose at some point. Luckily I had a whole bin of odds and ends, including a bolt that fit.

I finally took off at 10:30 and headed to Carmacks. Boy did Spirit ever ride a lot better!!! What a difference a full tire makes LOL!

I got to Carmacks at around 12:30 and was able to finally talk to my Dad.
It made all the hassle of going out of my way to go to White Horse worth it.
The fact that I now had 2 full cans of gas for my stove helped too, even though I didnít find much of any kind of food for the road, as the only health food store was now gone.
A big part of me was nervous about setting out to do a 425 Km dirt road, but I had heard it was a gorgeous road, so I felt I just had to ride it, nerves or not. My only hope was that the nice weather would dry out any mud there might have been.

The road started out very promising and I enjoyed having the next miles paved

Everywhere along the route were burnt areas, and if I had not worked for a long time, I would have stopped and made camp among all the other Morell pickers, and made some money. As it was I just couldnít do it, I had just finished with work and the thought of doing it again just didnít sit well with me, I wanted to be free for a while, money or not.

I pulled over for a little rest and a quick snack, and couldnít help but take a pic ot the mountain in between the shrubs

I also found some insulated winter gloves at the side of the road. It looked like they had been there a while, but the inside looked immaculate, never worn, as if they fell off someoneís snow mobile in the winter.
They fit me, so I decided to keep them and see how warm they were after they dried.

Seeing as the day was sunny, charging my GoalZero Sherpa 50 battery seemed like a good idea

This road just seemed like heaven to me, it was gorgeous beyond words, pictured donít do it justice!

Before I knew it I had arrived at the town of Faro, the end of the paved road!

So far the road was just slightly damp, but very well packed with an occasional wet area.

It was a gorgeous road though!

Crossed over a bridge with a spectacular view, so I made a U-ey and parked the bike.
It was a pretty deep gorge!!

The one thing that was both annoying and a blessing were the heavy trucks barreling a tremendous speed down the road. Iím sure they helped to pack the mud down nice and tight, but the drivers could care less about other traffic I thinkÖ.

I got to the turn off for Ross River, the last place to get gas.
I kept riding and ended up at the river where a ferry was waiting. Wait a second??? Did I miss the gas station? I knew that the ferry took you to the road heading into the North West Territories.
I turned around and asked a lady pushing a stroller down the road whre the gas station was. I had gone right past it! In my defense it wasnít an ordinary gas station though. There was a fence with two huge metal tanks like on the back of a truck but stationary, with a wall that had the pumps mounted on them.
There was a note saying please fill up first and then go into the grocery store to pay for your gas. How nice!!!
I have to admit that I find the gas prices here in Canada staggering!! $1.50 or more per liter, which is about $6 a gallon.
I did notice though that ever since I filled up Spiritís tire I had way better mileage, about 50 to 53 Mpg, not bad for a 685 cc
After enjoying Ross River, a cute little town with very nice people who kept asking me questions,

Once back on the road, I had a choice, back track 10 miles and hit Hwy 4 then make a left, another 10 to 15 miles, or go down the short cut, only about 7 miles. Hmmm, the entrance of the short cut was scary!! Deep ruts with mud, but it had some dry groves too, so I thought Iíd chance it. Iím glad I did, as that was the worst part of the whole road!
The short cut was beautiful!!

After no time at all I hit the main dirt road (untreated secondary Hwy)

I rode for a while enjoying the really well packed gravel road, looking for a place to make camp.
Occasionally I saw a spot that could have worked, but I held out for something better, a place with a view!
After abut half an hour I barreled past a pullout.
Screechhhhhhhhh, well, as much as I dare to brake on gravel.
I came to a full stop and turned around, that spot would be awesome if there was room for a tent!
I rode Spirit up the little hill to the lookout, and saw that it was just the most prefect place!! In one word, Awesome!!

I parked Spirit and pitched my tent, the only con about the place was the amount of bugs, gnats really, no mosquitos thankfully!

I was in heaven, a perfect place, nice and quiet, and maybe one car every few hours.
I ate and went to bed, blissfully at peace.

The night had been cold and windy but other than waking up a 4 having to use the bathroom, I slept like a baby.

The next day turned out to be hot and sunny. Did I mention hot???
I canít remember the last time I was this warm. Sitting in the tent in my bikini enjoying each little breeze that blows through. There is no shade in this spot, but I didnít care. I finally had a chance to take a baby-wipe bath without freezing my butt off!
I hung my shirts out in the wind to freshen up a little, and worked on Spirit. Looks like I need to re-bleed the brakes, they still feel sluggish like they have an airpocket in them.
I did change the Moose handguards, I had them on wrong so they didnít break the wind at all. Hopefully they will now.
The rest of the day I filled with reading, taking pictures of flowers, typing my RR, and knitting.

Wow! Look! Itís as if the flower has a rib cage

I love my little roomy vestibule!

Freshening up my shirts

There are blue ones

and pink ones

some gorgeous wild roses

even very orange trippy moss on rocks

I canít get enough of my view!!

After a good meal I decided to crash early

I woke up around 7, made a cup of instant coffee, and oatmeal, and packed up.
I was out of there by 9:30

As I was packing up my tent though, I noticed a few of these right under my tent wall. What the heck is this? I saw lots of these spit looking things on Vancouver island as well.

I am starting to really like my tent. I can pack everything while the outer shell is still up, which will keep me dry in the rain, and bug free.
Then I quickly break down the rest and leave.

One last lookÖÖ

I rode for a few hours and mostly the road looked like this:

Once in a while a break would come with a bit better view, but all in all it was very smooth and relaxing

I stopped at an outlook, and saw a bird in the tree, as I was taking a picture it flew straight toward me!!

The he landed on the trash can observing me

I gave him a few sesame seeds, and hopped back on Spirit.

What a cool little log cabin this had been!

sometimes the road took my breath away

For those of you who are X-men fans!!

Unfortunately after this sign the road went down hill!!
I have discovered that you can actually shimmy your bikeís butt when going over wash board to fast!!
I did not like this part, it felt as if my teeth were gonna fall out, but around 70 km it wasnít too bad.

At one point a sign came up that said road construction. I ended up following this truck, glad he didnít dump any more water than he did.
After I passed him I wondered if that was all as far as the construction went, boy, did I ever wish that had been the caseÖÖÖÖ.

Have you ever found yourself crying without knowing it????
I had to stop at the stop sign that a young girl was holding. She asked me just you?? I answeredĒ Yep!Ē The I asked her how the road ahead was, she said itís nice and soft, ??????? I figured Iíd misheard her.
She let me go after radioing that a woman on a motorcycle by herself was coming.

The second I hit the dirt I about shit my pants, it was soft!!!! And how!
I hit the throttle telling myself you can do this!! One of those heavy rollers past me and I swerved to the left figuring that the road must be a tad more solid after that thing rolled over the dirt. Yeah, not really, but I was doing fine, untilÖ.
The dirt turned into upturned mud, with tire-tracks going left and right and up and down, with piles of mud here and there. Before I knew it I was about 6 inches deep in mud. Spiritís rear end was sliding left and right and left and right for what seemed like forever. I was terrified and in my mind already saw myself flying over the handlebars while Spirit slid sideways. A construction worker heading toward me in a truck saw what was going on, and he pulled way over to the side to give me room to get out of the mud. I kept hitting the throttle tears streaming down my face, but unwilling to give in to my fear or ease off on the throttle, that would have ended disastrously! After a while the road got better and I hit some regular soft dirt before hitting gravel again. I donít know if I breathed that whole time, I was so shaken up but kept on going. After a while it looked like the construction area was over and done with, and I was on a regular gravel road again.
I couldnít believe it, I didnít wipe, I made it!!!

You know, things do happen for a reason. I had been bummed that my ride over the top of the world had been one through mud and rain, but thinking backwards, if I hadnít gone through that, there was no way in hell I would have made it through this! I am sending lots of thank yous to the guys that invited me to ride with them on that muddy road to Dawson City. I owe you more than you know!!

Before long the views turned nice again, and I took some more pictures (I had stopped shaking by then)

I made it to Watson Lake, and of course the first thing I saw where the famous signs

I stopped at the visitor center and asked for directions to primitive campsites. Well, the most primitive one was at Watson Lake, so I headed that way.
I also found out where I could take a shower

Flowers outside the visitor center

I found the camp site and pitched my tent between the mosquitos, and then grabbed some clean clothes and went back to town.
After a wonderful shower at the recreation center, I sat down to use their free internet. Yeah, it was free for half an hour!

So I decided to find another place with wifi, and ended up at Andreaís restaurant.
I decided to splurge for once, and ordered a Greek salad and potato skins.
It was wonderful!
I figured once in a while I shouldnít worry about money and spending it, and that turned out to be rather serendipitous! While eating I checked my Paypal Acount and saw that I had received a wonderful donation from katoom916!
Thank you soo much!!! This salad was on you!!

Iím about to head back to the campsite, number 39 is my spot, and hopefully will sleep soundly.
Tomorrow Iíll be heading to Fort Nelson and then North into the North West Territories for just a little while. There is a road (number 7 that turns in to 1 and then 35) that loops around and I end up in Alberta.
From then it shouldnít take me too long to get to JustJeff in LacLaBiche.
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