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>"Redway. Any other suggestions?"

Redway is a good place.

Routes: (Shorter to longer).

1) Shelter Cove (gas)/Horse Mtn Road/Ettersburg Rd/Shelter Cove back. (20 miles dirt)

2) Alderpoint Road/Dyerville Loop/Ft Seward/Alderpoint road back.
(20 miles dirt)

2) Shelter Cove (gas) /Chemise Mtn Rd/Sinkyone Wilderness/Usal Road and back on Whitethorn Road/Old Briceland road to Garberville aiprport. (60 miles dirt)

3) Alderpoint road/ Bell Springs Rd/101 (55mph) then Latonville-Dos Rios/Poontkiny to Covelo (gas)/Mina Road to Kettenpom (gas)/Zenia, and Alderpoint back to Redway. (70 miles dirt)

Most of the dirt is 'USFS' or otherwise County Road dirt/gravel.

Buy a "Benchmark Maps" California road booklet.
Good for general route planning.

If you want similar riding to this photo: Mendo Natl forest.

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