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Originally Posted by Aaen View Post
Not many know this but travel btw the US/Canada does not require a passport. You can get through with enhanced drivers license, nexus card, birth certificate/etc. You just have to prove whom you are.

Granted it is better to go with a passport but it is not required. Call up both the Canadian and Us border stations and talk to them directly to verify this. My buddy did this today and has done it numerous times over the past year.


Thank you, but Texas doesn't offer the EDL, and the State Department still has my birth certificate somewhere in the system. A call to the USBP station where I plan to cross confirmed that I will need a passport to re-enter, unless I want to be delayed and do mountains of paperwork, and there were no guarantees at that point until it happens and they can assess what they have to work with.

The whole passport deal is kind of a dead horse at this point. I'd rather not have this ride report be a discussion about it. I started a thread in trip planning where it was discussed, and still can be.

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