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In the past few weeks I've picked up my Indy Car watching. I had given up on the series, after being a mild fan at best-- The Split, then some lameness, plus just having a limit on how much racing I can watch I chose F1 and MotoGP over it...

I'm liking where the series is. Are they the best drivers? No, but they are quality. Enough names I recognize to be fun. And judging by pre-race interviews they understand that they have to try a bit harder for popularity, they actually participate in the interview not just gruff words. Plus a truly international line up.

I'm watching Race 1 from Houston on my DVR now. I like that Indy has gone to 1/3 oval/speedway that is right to me. But can't say I'm a fan of parking lot races. Though this race has been good. I was really cheering for Sato.

And then there is AJ Foyt, "Bunch of God Damn idiots..."

Yeah, I can keep watching this series.

Going to try the Verizon App with this afternoon's race. That could be an interesting gimmick.

edit: Didn't even see Green Hell's post
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