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Alright, it looks like the poll activity has died down, and the results are in. Aug and Sept are looking good, camping is the popular choice, and riding from backroads to trails. Oh, and scenery was the most popular thing to see, and for that, well, hell, that's easy, you can't turn around without seeing something great in the area, so we've got that base covered.

Now about dates, late Aug to early Sept is looking good. And Labor Day Weekend falls right in the midst of that. I'm torn, three day weekend is nice, but it will bring more crowds. Schools around here start pretty early, and that normally cuts the crowds significantly. Hmmm...

I think before we decide on the camping arrangements, we ought to know about how many people are joining in. If we're going to be using a campground, I'll be honest, I have no idea how their reservation set-up works. I'm sure I can figure it out, but we'll need to know just what we're reserving. If we're going dispersed, I know a couple of good spots. I imagine fire restrictions will be pretty severe either way.

As for the roads, I've got plenty of ideas. And if some of these skilled guys are going to be bring their awesome off road prowess to the party, all the better. I think we might be able to either split up, or do easy stuff the first day and hard stuff the next.

So, do I start an "official" thread with a poll about the dates and a sign up list, or do folks want to chime in here?

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