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Day 7 Bear Tooth Highway

6/29/2014: Today we began in Cooke City, MT and was to go over the beartooth highway and end in Sheridan, WY.

Today we decided to start a little bit later due to the fact that the previous morning was really cold so we did not set off until 8am. The route started with a few miles of this neat back highway leaving town. We saw a couple deer and even bambie crossing the road.

Then we worked our way across the valley and headed up for the morning climb. There were astonishing view that lied ahead throughout the day but first we had to go up and up and up, without balloons though. This marked the start of the beartooth highway.

By now we had slowly climbed our way up to around 7000 feet. It was also quite chilly had to be in the low 30ís. We continued on our way climbing up the mountain we ran into some incredible waterfalls and lookout spots along the road.

Keep going full throttle at 20 mph seeing all of the extraordinary view of the mountains and valleys below. We also had started to work our way up to all that rain from the previous day that was littered along the sides of the road.

We made it across the snow covered valleys and up to the summit some how. At the top we reached 11000 ft a new record for the scooter, they didn't really like it either. The temperature had also dropped and the wind had picked up which made it way colder. At the peak it was in the low 20 or high teens and with 25 mph wind gusts. It made it for a COLD ride even at 20 mph. At the top they were running a ski lift and the were skiers going down the mountain, kinda weird to see at the end of June.

We now worked our way down off the mountain and were able to warm up and stop at our first gas stop. We had an uneventful ride across the valley towards our lunch stop. Had a quick bite to eat and they headed back up into the mountains.

This was another challenging climbs for these mini bikes in went up 3,600 ft in 10 miles A very steep climb going up to 9,400ft another high pass for the scooters.

Went down the mountain and then hit a dirt road for a while. This was one of the best maintained dirt roads that i have ever been on just perfect. We ran into a buck of cows and even some longhorns. Had to stop and ask if he wanted to donate them to the scooter and snap a picture.

The day had lead us back and forth between Wyoming and Montana several time so we ended up with a variety of entrance signs to each state. This was a reasonable day with about 240 miles traveled and A lot of good times ranging from the 11,000 ft peaks to the 3,500 ft valleys and everywhere in between. We finally got a day without rain and just had an enjoyable experience and the new tire on the 70 works great. We were wishing for the heated grips and jacket in the morning. We we ended up in Sheridan and got to blend in with the local harley crowd.

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