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What a difference a year makes! Last year we were deep into a drought and everything was brown. We had weeks of temps of over a 100 degrees and it was miserable riding a lot of the time.

This year it has been a rainy a lot of days, but I am NOT complaining even though it limits my riding time. This morning we had some seriously heavy thunderstorms with a lot of rain and I didn't think I'd get any riding in. Fortunately, I was wrong. It was sunny by about 2 and I geared up and headed out.

Finally found my memory card for my camera. I spent nearly a week and a half trying to find it. Broke down and ordered one...and found mine not 20 minutes later. Had to laugh.

The corn is just hitting the growing peak season. Last week, in this same spot, the corn was about knee high. I think if you stand out in the field long enough you'd get corn up your nose.

In my continuing effort to acquaint you with every old barn within 50 miles...

Indiana's beauty is often found in the shades of green --at least when we don't have a drought ongoing.

I love these old country lanes with a row of trees alongside. Reminds me of my Grandfather's home in western PA. He worked on a farm called "Old Home Manor" from age 13 to age 83. The property was originally owned by the family that started the G. C. Murphy discount store chain. There was long lane from the main road to Grandad's home with trees lining both sides. This shot brought it to mind.

Last one for today--my view from the saddle. I've had the SV for just over a year now and have really grown to appreciate this little bike. Plenty for how I ride and I'm really happy to have it. Not sure a KLR, or Wee-Strom, wouldn't be a better fit for how and where I ride, but it'll do.

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