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Day8 Sturgis SD, meet the Harleys

6/30/2014: Today we began in Sheridan, WY and worked our way across Wyoming and towards “biker heaven” aka Sturgis, SD.

The morning started out just perfect weather with the sun out and wasn't too cold or windy just a slight breeze. Rode out of town and on some back farm roads. We even ran into a pack of chickens and boy were the rowdy, fighting chickens.

Okay, maybe they are rosters. There were lots of other figurines which was really neat. Next we continued on across the farmland and had to reroute due to another dirt road. Wish we had our wr’s with us would have been a lot of fun on the dirt. As we were going along today we ran into some deer.

We ran into a mom with her to little ones off to the side of road got a pic and headed on. Throughout the day we ran into more and more deer, last one that i counter was 49. That is a ton and 15 of them were all within 3 miles. Have to pay attention so you don't run into one. My dad paced one and figured out that a deer is as fast as a scooter. We continued on and ran into a construction zone.

In the middle of farmville, Wyoming we ran into traffic, is this the city or something? We waited for 20 min and then work our way following the pilot car. There were quite the ruts from previous cars which made it a little bit difficult for the scooter. Worked towards our lunch stop and had a quick bite to eat and headed out to catch the tail wind towards Sturgis.

Next we worked our way through some of the town and got gas. Passed by a bunch of trains and railway yards. Then we found a huge mining operation and figured out what all of the trains were therefor.

We continued on and then the road turned and we had to fight a head wind for the next hour, it also dropped the scooter speed down to 20 mph. It felt like we were barely moving and not getting any closer to Sturgis. We finally got there and the wild Ct70 had to get a picture by the sign.

Continued into town and were embraced with harley culture. The town is scattered with it and everything is biker this or biker that. We stopped in to the harley dealership and they all got a laugh about what we were doing but, really there were jealous.

That was it for the day we covered 230 miles mostly through farmland however it wasn't all that boring because there were rolling hills. Tomorrow we are headed to Interior, SD. Feels like we are almost home to SD.

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